Meet Tina Hurley, Patient Care Manager

Photo of Tina, Patient Care Manager at Modern Point Acupuncture

Meet Tina Hurley, Patient Care Manager

Tina, Patient Care Manager
Tina Hurley, Patient Care Manager

Upon entering Modern Point Acupuncture, you will be greeted with a huge welcoming smile (under a face mask, of course) from Tina Hurley, our Patient Care Manager.  Tina will work diligently to ensure that you feel at ease. She will be assisting you before and after you meet with your acupuncturist for treatment.

Tina is delighted and eager to support you at Modern Point Acupuncture on your unique health and wellness journey.

Tina and twins she was a gestational surrogate for

Tina’s passion for acupuncture dates back several years ago when she began her journey utilizing regular acupuncture treatments requested by her reproductive endocrinologist to increase the chances of successfully carrying twins as a gestational surrogate. In 2018 she successfully delivered happy and healthy twins to a beautiful couple. She is delighted and eager to support you at Modern Point Acupuncture on your unique health and wellness journey.

Tina and family

Tina lives in the St Michael-Albertville area with her husband, Pat, their children, and the family’s German Shepard, Ohana. Her free time is spent enjoying family time, going on vacation, and involved in the kids’ many activities such as Girl Scouts, dance, and football. Tina cherishes being outdoors, going camping, and taking the dog for walks.

Tina’s German Shepard, Ohana.

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Meet Our Practitioners:

I love this place! I saw Nicky and she truly feels for her patients. She is wonderful at what she does and makes it a great comfortable and peaceful place. She has helped me so much! I highly recommend her!

- Jessica

My experience with Modern Point Acupuncture has been outstanding.  I was treated by Nicky.  She has a warm and fun personality as well as a vast amount of knowledge.  Her passion for what she does is refreshing since I have been to many other acupuncturists where it is lacking. She truly wants to get to the root of the problem and get you pain relief.  I came to her with a severe antibiotic resistant sinus infection accompanied by chronic migraines.  After one session the pain went down drastically in my face and the migraines were improved.  After about two months of one or two appointments/week the migraines and sinus issues were gone and I was off all medications.  I would highly recommend anyone to her (Nicky), she is amazing at her craft.  Finding Modern Point Acupuncture has been such a blessing!

- C.M.

I have great news!! I'm PREGNANT! It is still hard for me to believe, and I cannot thank you enough! I strongly believe you had a very significant role in this good news :) and am incredibly thankful I came to see you Nicky! You are super great and I am so so happy I came to you!! THANK YOU again!

- B.C.

"I have horrible allergies and have tried acupuncture a little in the past but in the past the acupuncture was performed by a chiropractor. I went to see Lindsay once and then signed up for 10 sessions. It is amazing what acupuncture can do. My favorite is that it totally relaxes you and then you notice things during your day that it has helped with. Lindsay is extremely knowledgable and I have learned so much. It is amazing how certain parts of the body are tied to your eyes, brain, etc. If you have any type of issue go see Lindsay. She is great."

- Korrine

I'm so excited I get to do just that to tell you that I am pregnant!!!!  I just had my 8 week ultrasound today and baby looks good and healthy! Thank you so much for everything that you did for me Nicky! I appreciate it more than you know!

- B.R.

"Lindsay is a very caring and helpful person. She really cares about how her patients feel."

- Cassie

"Adam is the best! Not only is he awesome at what he does, he seems to be a genuinely nice human. He took the time to learn about my embarrassing condition and try to gear my treatment towards that. He was excited to learn about something he didn't know existed, and I very much appreciated that. I'd highly recommend seeing him! Thanks Adam!"

- Amanda D.