Forecast: Year of the Golden Ox 2021

Happy Lunar New Year from Modern Point Acupuncture!

The beginning of a new year is commonly an occasion for reflection and one filled with anticipation of all that the new year may bring. This year is no different. Hopefully, this year brings a refreshing change from the unique year that 2020 was for us all. The Lunar New year begins on February 12th, 2021, and is worthy of recognition as a time to celebrate. Each year, Lillian Pearl Bridges writes an extensive article on the Lunar New Year, explains the year’s significance, and provides forecasts. What will the new year bring? Continue reading to find out. We hope you enjoy her writing.

“February 12, 2021, is the start of the Chinese Year of the Golden Ox with February 3rd representing the start of the Spring Festival. The Ox (Cow) is the second animal in the Chinese Zodiac system and is a respected animal valued for its ability to work hard and endure. The Ox is credited with the values of constancy and cooperation.” writes Lillian Pearl Bridges.

It is a good year for reinvention and starting over. The overall outlook for the year is positive, especially towards the latter part of the year.

~Lillian Pearl Bridges

“So there is hope that life will get better in many ways for many people as the year progresses.

Life will feel more peaceful and less stressful, but this year requires patience. Forward movement will be mostly slow going toward desired and more ideal outcomes in the future. There will still be some restrictions on growth and movement, but these will lessen. Yin Metal will make people and governments more efficient and subtly more productive so that by the end of the year there will be incremental achievements that together will amount to something more substantial.

The Farmer stares out across the fallow field and sees mud and downed branches from the storms of winter, knowing that first, he must clean up the field and then wait patiently until the land is ready. When it is time, the Farmer puts the yoke on the Ox and slowly plows the field. Then the Farmer plants the seeds and waits for them to grow. Eventually, the Farmer brings in a good crop, maybe two if luck is with him. This is the story of this Ox Year,” Continues Bridges

“The element for the year is Yin Metal, which is harmonious with the Earth Element, as Earth generates and feeds Metal. This implies a calmer and more stable year with less anger, less contentious behavior and much less potential for violence. Yang behavior will simply not be supported or be sustainable. Yin Metal is about the future and our hopes and dreams, which can start to inspire us again,” writes Bridges.

Lillian’s full forecast for 2021 can be accessed here.