Acupuncture Testimonials- Lindsay Long, L.Ac.

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15 years into service and we’ve worked with some awesome clients who love us and our services. Check what they have to say about us.

Lindsay is a very caring and helpful person. She really cares about how her patients feel.


I have horrible allergies and have tried acupuncture a little in the past but in the past the acupuncture was performed by a chiropractor. I went to see Lindsay once and then signed up for 10 sessions. It is amazing what acupuncture can do. My favorite is that it totally relaxes you and then you notice things during your day that it has helped with. Lindsay is extremely knowledgeable and I have learned so much. It is amazing how certain parts of the body are tied to your eyes, brain, etc. If you have any type of issue go see Lindsay. She is great.


The Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture treatments lift the years of stress off my face feeling much lighter. My face feels tighter, smoother and much brighter after just 5 treatments!


It was merely two sessions, and there was never any return of the shoulder burn and constant ache. To think I had been so very much delayed in addressing it, for there was a solid month, at least, of this sharp bother attending me. You had a very fine remedy, and I would also add even after the first session, there had been but only a slight sting of a reminder of it. Thank you for that.

-Jason W.

My Menopausal Caregiver Five Stars: My sister suggested that I seek acupuncture for my menopausal symptoms so I search the web and located Lindsay. I immediately made a phone call and was in for my first treatment and Lindsay reassured me that the symptoms that I was experiencing were very normal that included day and night sweats, waking up in the middle of the night, unable to focus, and lots of anxiety and nervousness. Within the first few treatments I was sleeping though the night consecutively and the sweats while they continued did finally calm down. The Chinese herbs she prescribed for me have been very helpful as I feel much more in control of what is happening to me and my body and I feel a overwhelming calmness that I had not felt for some time. Additionally Lindsay has been a wonderful support system in assuring me that everything I have been feeling is perfectly normal and she is committed to helping me get though this life changing phase. I just cannot image my life without Lindsay, acupuncture and Chinese herbs – it clearly has changed my life and I am very grateful.


From infertility to mother of twins: I sought out help with my ongoing infertility from Modern Point Acupuncture. I had gone through one IVF cycle unsuccessfully. During my second attempt at IVF I received treatment from Lindsay. She was very flexible–making time for me with very short notice so that I could be seen on the morning of one of my procedures. This helped to maximize the effectiveness. I concieved twins during this cycle and gave birth last month. I am very happy and grateful!


I feel like I have new knees again! I will never go back to feeling the way I used to!


Professional, Caring, Knowledgeable: My experience with Lindsay was truly the best. She treated me for a couple issues & I was 100% pleased with the results. Futher, Lindsay is skilled & very knowledgeable. Add to that a great bed-side manner & you have it all. I highly recommend Lindsay.


It worked!: I went to Lindsay for help with clenching and grinding my teeth at night. Initially, I was hesitant, but Lindsay was very knowledgeable and confident -she put my worries at ease. After the treatment, I felt so relaxed and was NOT clenching anymore! I would highly recommend Lindsay!


Exceptional Treatment, Professional Service: When I had Bells Palsy, Lindsay treated me with a series of facial acupuncture sessions and the results were miraculous! For five days my face was paralyzed with no improvement, thirty minutes after my first acupuncture treatment with Lindsay, I regained some movement in my face. Within an hour after each subsequent session, I regained more and more facial motion. Lindsay was very precise, thoughtful, and skilled in her needling procedure. Thanks to her expert acupuncture treatments, I had full facial motion back within two and a half weeks!


Acupuncture- More benefits than I expected!: “I had ongoing jaw tension (TMJ-like) that was seemingly affecting my hearing (pressure from my jaw was pushing on my ear canal) and gave me the sensation that my ears were always plugged. Over the course of a couple years I went to my dentist, my doctor, and multiple specialists. My dentist suggested a mouth guard and some exercises for my jaw (expensive)…my doctor sent me to a specialist who, in the end, told me I really didn’t have a problem. I passed every hearing test. Except I was saying “What?” all the time and kept wanting to clear my ears! In searching Google to see advice on what others did with TMJ and hearing issues, acupuncture was referenced. I did some research and found Lindsay, and the rest as they say, is history. Not only have I experienced complete relief in my jaw, I’ve also found great relief in other areas I didn’t even know acupuncture would help. For my lifelong allergy/asthma problems, I no longer take Advair for my asthma, and I no longer take Nasacort for my nose inflammation (both expensive namebrand meds…). I was also feeling like I was on an emotional rollercoaster with PMS, stress at work, and what I think are perimenopausal symptoms. I wasn’t sleeping well, had anxiety, and would wake up feeling like my heart was pounding out of my chest. I shared this with my doctor, who told me I was too young for menopause. I shared this with Lindsay, and she began treating me for this in addition to my jaw and allergies. Guess what…I feel like I’m a refreshed, calm person and I sleep all night feeling well rested. At first I was a bit anxious about acupuncture and the needles, but felt I was out of options in the medical world…and how much could it hurt, really?!?! Now, I call every one of those needles a magic wand and Lindsay is the wizard who applies them! I absolutely LOVE going to acupuncture and I look forward to going. Lindsay is a great listener, very skilled at what she does and a great partner in fine-tuning my health.


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