Year of the White Rat 2020

Happy Chinese New Year from Modern Point Acupuncture!

January is commonly an occasion for reflection and one filled with anticipation of all that the new year may bring. Entering this new decade feels remarkably unique this year. For many, January 25th, 2020, is worthy of recognition as it is time to celebrate the start of the Chinese New Year. Each year Lillian Pearl Bridges writes an extensive article on the Chinese New Year and explains the significance of the year and provides forecasts. What will the new year bring? Continue reading to find out. We hope you enjoy her writing.

“January 25, 2020 is the start of the Chinese Year of the White Rat (or Mouse). The Rat is the first animal in the Chinese Zodiac system and this is the beginning of a completely new 12-year and 60-year cycle and is therefore considered the beginning of a new era. It is also the start of another decade, all of which makes it an especially important year for new beginnings and new possibilities. It is time to bring out new ideas, new plans and say yes to new opportunities. It is a good year for reinvention and starting over,” writes Lillian Pearl Bridges.

It is a good year for reinvention and starting over.

~Lillian Pearl Bridges

“Rats are considered mostly positive animals to the Chinese and are appreciated for their cleverness and the ability to always find food. People born in the Year of the Rat are considered charming, adaptable, witty and sociable. Rats favor their young, so this is a year of youth empowerment and reclaiming one’s youthful self. People will feel younger and livelier. According to the legend, the Rat tricked the Ox into giving him a ride, jumping off right before the finish line to come in first. The energies of this year will no doubt inspire some of the tricksters and opportunists in society, so be wary of anything that sounds too good to be true,” continues Bridges.

“This is a Yang Water Year with Yang Metal on top. These two elements are considered compatible and harmonious, as the Metal Element feeds the Water Element in the Parent-Child cycle of the Five Elements. This means that there is the potential for a peaceable year. However, there is an underlying, hidden aggression that these two powerful Yang elements bring to the year that should not be ignored and may emerge if provoked,” writes Bridges.

Lillian’s full forecast for 2020 can be accessed here.

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