Forecast: Year of the Golden Ox 2021

photo of gold color

Happy Lunar New Year from Modern Point Acupuncture! The beginning of a new year is commonly an occasion for reflection and one filled with anticipation of all that the new year may bring. This year is no different. Hopefully, this year brings a refreshing change from the unique year that 2020 was for us all.…

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#StayHomeMN 3/27-4/10

photo of #stayhomeMN

At Modern Point Acupuncturewe put the safety and health of our patients and acupuncturists at the forefront of our small business.In an effort to Stop the Spread of COVID-19 we will stay at home March 27 -April 10th. #StayHomeMN We will reopen Monday, April 13th, 2020

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Our Doors Remain Open

photo of OPEN sign

Our doors remain open for acupuncture in Maple Grove, MN. Modern Point Acupuncture continues to place the safety and health of our patients at the forefront of our clinics. If you have an appointment at Modern Point Acupuncture but are experiencing respiratory symptoms of any kind; such as nasal congestion, cough, or shortness of breath, PLEASE…

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Headaches, Can Acupuncture Help?

photo of a person lying in bed with a headache

The head is one of the most common areas for pain in the body. It’s no wonder that more people complain about headaches than any other medical concerns. They are painful, disabling, and a quality of life zapper. I used to be a chronic headache sufferer and, over the many years, suffered from different types.…

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Ditch the Zombie Life and Feel Human Again; Acupuncture and Self-Care for Improved Sleep Sleep Series: 2 of 3

photo of sign that says "beware of zombies" representing the state of lack of quality sleep

Research and Acupuncture for Sleep Could acupuncture be the zombie cure? Research has shown that acupuncture can be a safe and beneficial means to help general insomnia. For those suffering from poor quality of sleep due to menopause, recent clinical trial results “…confirm(ed) that acupuncture is effective and safe for the treatment on(sic) insomnia in menopausal…

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I’m Pregnant, Can I Get Acupuncture?

Photo of pregnant woman representing results of infertility acupuncture treatments

YES, you can!!! Many expectant moms incorrectly assume they should avoid acupuncture. Receiving acupuncture during pregnancy is safe and has many excellent benefits. A few advantages of acupuncture include keeping the mother in optimal health, managing morning sickness,  alleviating back pain, and reducing ankle swelling. Regular acupuncture during pregnancy can help resolve illnesses as quickly as…

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Year of the White Rat 2020

photo of Chinese red envelope given for the Lunar new year

Happy Chinese New Year from Modern Point Acupuncture! January is commonly an occasion for reflection and one filled with anticipation of all that the new year may bring. Entering this new decade feels remarkably unique this year. For many, January 25th, 2020, is worthy of recognition as it is time to celebrate the start of…

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Welcome to Modern Point Acupuncture’s Blog

We are very excited to announce our NEW BLOG! This is where we will be posting helpful, educational, and interesting information about health & wellness. STAY TUNED! Our first official blog post will be published on January 23rd, 2020

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